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Son.Person: Memphis’ Promising Youngest Indie Pop Artist Blasting The Single Loved U More

Son.Person’s presence in the Indie Pop genre has only been present for a short time, but he’s already made a significant imprint on the community with his previous releases, such as “Texaco” and the euphoric beat of “U Night”, which was uploaded to Spotify this year.

This boy quickly grew in popularity among Indie Pop enthusiasts and he totally deserves it. Son.Person is a Memphis-based artist who seamlessly blends dreamy synths, indie guitar loops and an amazing voice. At only 17 years old, he is one of the youngest indie-pop artists to be on the US indie scene today.

Singer-songwriter SON.PERSON has been making some noise not only because of his music, but because of his baby-face look too, which is being very positive, and I’m not criticizing. The 17-year-old musician from Memphis released one of his most raw and disheartening singles to date titled “Loved U More”.

Who can cope with this handsome crying boy – and he is crying for real – and avoid going straight to listen to his song just to check it out? Genius!

Son.Person – Love U More

Nobody can avoid it… That’s why we included two of his songs in our playlist. You can listen to the full playlist or know more about the artist by scrolling down the page.

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