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LeGhosst Opens up 2024 with One Question, “Who to Blame”?

“Who to Blame” is LeGhosst’s newest release and it is a catchy hit to start off the year. 

Before releasing “Who to Blame”, LeGhosst said “Can I talk about this one?

I like this one.”

In his most recent song, he unveils more than just beats and melodies; he presents a personal manifesto that transcends the boundaries of music. 

This track serves as a powerful call to action, urging listeners to discard the habit of blaming external factors for their circumstances. 

LeGhosst places a strong emphasis on the imperative of self-reflection and accountability, addressing the discomfort often associated with the mere mention of the word.

When asked what was the underlying message in the song, LeGhosst said, “The song serves as a personal reference, urging listeners to stop blaming others for their circumstances.”

With this song LeGhosst highlights the reluctance many have to self-reflect and accept accountability, emphasizing that a significant percentage of people fear confronting the word "Accountability."

When asked his favorite parts of the song LeGhosst’s say that he loves the part where he says, "I go run it up, you make excuses, don't know who to blame,"

He challenges his audience to seize control of their destinies.

The verses depict the harsh realities of evading accountability, posing poignant questions like "Who to blame if you ain't got no money and your pockets hurt?"

or "Who to blame if you ain't hitting that clock, then put that pot to work."

LeGhosst is a true maestro of hustle, as portrayed by his environment. 

What defines him is his dynamic refusal to be confined to a single pursuit of money – he thrives as a Jack of all trades, embodying the essence of a modern entrepreneur seeking success through multiple channels.

His distinction goes beyond his entrepreneurial prowess; it's the captivating aura he radiates. 

With an effortlessly cool and laid-back demeanor, he extends a warm welcome to all who enter his realm.

 However, beneath this amiable exterior lies a subtle warning – challenging him and infringing on his territory is an endeavor not to be taken lightly, with consequences that promise to be far from pleasant.

LeGhosst is starting off 2024 strong by emerging as a breath of fresh air in the music scene, injecting his creations with an unfiltered honesty that cuts through the noise. 

His messages possess a clarity that resonates, leaving an enduring impact on those who lend an ear.

Following the success of his live performances and former releases, LeGhosst has chosen the perfect time to release another song.

His new song was released on January 19th 2024 and is sure to be one of his best.

 LeGhosst stands tall, actively championing accountability and inspiring others to embark on the transformative journey towards self-discovery.

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