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Charlie Couvillion Definitely Has More Heat Coming, You Have to Wait Until Sunrise Though

Producer and creator Charlie Couvillion, or should we call him “Charlie02a” plans to expand his range in music by releasing his first single titled “Sunrise”.

In a recent Instagram post announcing the release of his new single Charlie said, “I am releasing this a ‘producer-artist’.”

Couvillion went on to say, “Although I co-write the song, I think you guys will love who I’ve decided to have featured on it.”

He has produced music for artists like Fresco Trey, Son.Person, White $osa, Jayvoe Davinci, and Duke Smith so there is a lot of speculation as to who will be featured on his first single.

Charlie is mainly known for making Instagram reels and TikTok’s that showcase his amazingly catchy beats and samples

Some of these videos feature artists he has worked with and have gained noticeable popularity.

Charlie has been Dj’ing since he was 15-years-old but has never been on the artists side of music.

“I have never been more excited to share a piece of music.” Couvillion said.

Outside of being a director and digital art specialist, Couvillion is also cinematographer and an overall creative with a lengthy portfolio that is packed with impressive skills.

At just 20-years-old the sky, or should we say the Sun, is limit for this talented Memphis creative.

His new single “I’ll meet you in the sunrise” is OUT NOW (July 22nd) which is a day before his birthday.

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