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The Prophet Najee Is Looking to Take More Wins Than Losses with His Upcoming Single

This Nigerian rap artist, The Prophet Najee, is set to release his new single “Wins & Losses” this Friday (7/15).

Najee says that this single means a lot to him as he is looking to bring a different kind of style and originality to the people who love his music while delivering a powerful message.

“Prophets deliver messages,” Najee said, he went on to say, “It [the single] is more about finding a way to motivate the people I rock with the most.”

Being the older sibling, Prophet says he wants to set a good example for the people who look up to him.

Najee says he feels as though he has the responsibility to use his art to provide the youth and young adults with a positive message and outlook on life.

“Even through the wins and the losses you have more to gain than anything else.” Najee said.

Prophet is a person who loves to learn and grow each and every day through any experience.

Najee also wants to be able show his pride for the culture of the country of Nigeria through his music.

“I am proud of my culture and I want be able to show that.” Najee said.

Najee‘s is available to preorder/pre-save down below.

This is definitely not a single you want to miss!

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