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Son.person Announce New Release With A Special Feature


The Summertime essential rays of sunlight through production and captures honestly in wordplay. Wrapped all together nicely with a throwback story in Jack Trillmore’s writing, there is little to be missing from your anthem for the heat!

It is no secret that Son.Person (a.k.a Whitt Saban) has an outstanding work ethic and he does a great job of dropping songs fans love.

After dropping his latest hit single ‘Loved U More’ on May 13th, Son.Person is already back in the saddle.

“Its kind of an upbeat summer song, chucking up the “deuces” because we are out of school for the summer!” Whitt said.

Whitt is now in the process of promoting his new song ‘Deuces’ ft. Jack Trillmore that releases on June 24th.

Son.Person has a unique sound and he is known for his soothing melodies and his catchy choruses.

It was obvious that he was passionate about his music and he wants music that his fans will love.

With his newest song ‘Deuces’ being less than 10 days away, Whitt has not let up on his social media promoting tactics.

His latest Instagram reels and Tiktoks consist of him doing “summer things” like sitting on the beach, doing donuts in a field, and racing cars with friends.

He has stayed consistent with these posts which is not a surprise as Son.Person is big on promoting his songs.

For ‘Loved U More’, his promoting definitely payed off, bringing in 50,000+ streams and counting on Spotify.

Fans can expect more ‘Deuces’ content from Son.Person within the next week or so.

The Memphis artist is the king of live shows and is constantly adding new hits to his portfolio.

At just 17-years-old, Whitt has unlimited potential and is already surpassing the expectations.

You can check out Son.Person’s music on Apple Music, Spotify, and many other platforms.


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Jun 17, 2022

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